Tableting properties of an improved spray-dried lactose

G. Rassu, A. C. Eissens, G. K. Bolhuis*

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Spray-dried lactose is one of the most widely used filler-binders for direct compaction. The compactibility is a function of both primary particle size and the presence of amorphous lactose. Commercially available spray-dried lactose contains 15-20% amorphous lactose and 80-85% alpha-lactose monohydrate. A better understanding of the relationship between particle structure, physical properties and mechanisms of consolidation and compaction enabled an improved spray-dried lactose to be developed. The agglomerates of the improved product contain smaller primary a-lactose monohydrate particles than those of regular products. The present study shows that the improved spray-dried lactose has better compaction properties than regular spray-dried lactose.

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TijdschriftJournal of drug delivery science and technology
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StatusPublished - 2006

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