Taking the child's perspective: exploring children's needs and participation in the Dutch child protection system

Helen Bouma

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This dissertation is a qualitative study including interview studies with children, parents and professionals, and a policy analysis. We investigated the needs of children and families and the participation of children in the Dutch child protection system (CPS). The results show that the reason for child protection involvement as well as the child protection trajectory itself and the decisions made have much impact on (the lives of) children and families. This dissertation underlines the importance of ensuring as much and as soon as possible continuity and stability in children’s lives and of a good relationship between professionals, children and parents (including ‘meaningful participation’ of children) for the protection of children’s safety, well-being and development. This provides pertinent recommendations for child protection policy and practice. The Dutch CPS has the responsibility to protect and support the well-being and development of children, in line with the best interest of the child principle and therefore with the importance of continuity and stability and good relationships with professionals. On the level of the direct interaction between professionals, children and parents, a relationship based on collaboration and respect (in which professionals listen to and respond adequately and quickly to what is important for the individual child and family) is essential. However, the context in which professionals work plays an important role in supporting them. Knowledge and awareness within the various levels about the perception and needs of children should lead to facilitating professionals to meet the needs of children in daily child protection practice.
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