Teacher behaviour and student motivational outcomes: Critical reflections on the knowledge base and on future research

Marie-Christine Opdenakker*

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In this chapter, (a selection of) current conceptualizations, theories, measurements, and instruments of (quality of) teacher and teaching behaviour from a variety of perspectives, namely educational and teacher effectiveness research, learning environments research and research on motivational teaching are discussed. Furthermore, attention is paid to topics such as the dimensionality of teacher and teaching behaviour, and of teaching skills, as well as the existence of teaching styles and stages in teaching skill development. In addition, context, antecedents, informant as well as (in)stability issues concerning teacher and teaching behaviour are addressed. Relevant empirical findings concerning the already mentioned issues as well as empirical findings with regard to teacher and teaching effectiveness in relation to student motivational outcomes are reviewed and discussed. Attention is paid
to unique and joint effects of teacher and teaching behaviour dimensions and relative sizes of effects. In addition, differential effectiveness of teacher and teaching behaviour in relation to student background characteristics such as gender, social-economic status, cognitive ability, race and ethnicity, and prior engagement is discussed. The chapter ends with conclusions, reflections, implications and suggestions for future research directions and practice related to effective teacher and teaching behaviour based on the findings discussed before.
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TitelEffective teaching around the world
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