Tekstkenmerken en tekstkwaliteit van leerlingteksten

Henk Pander Maat, Kay Raaijmakers, Dennis Vermeulen, Kees de Glopper

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    Manually annotated corpora of writing products may greatly contribute to writing research: they offer detailed insights in the quality of these texts, in the text features actually attended to by human text raters, in possibilities and difficulties for the use of automatic writing analytics and writing tools, and in the relations between different text quality dimensions. This paper presents the Utrecht System for Annotation of Learner text (USALT), that covers both general features (orthography, punctuation, wording, coherence) and genre-specific elements (such as openings, endings, structuring devices and politeness). The annotations contain up to three items (annotation unit; problem type; part-of-speech tag). USALT reflects various text quality dimensions, notably correctness, comprehensibility and appropriateness (both stylistically and in terms of genre conventions).
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    TijdschriftTijdschrift voor taalbeheersing
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    StatusPublished - okt-2019

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