Text selection proposals in dialogic reading in primary school

Maaike Pulles*, Jan Berenst, Kees de Glopper, Tom Koole

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    In dialogic reading during inquiry learning in primary school, pupils read, think and talk together about text fragments for answering their research questions. This paper demonstrates from a conversational analytic perspective, how the shared activity of text selection is constructed in a goal oriented conversation and how text selection proposals are used. Two main practices are identified depending on the situation: (1) when all participants are reading the text for the first time, a text selection proposal is constructed with reading-out-loud fragments, and (2) when only one of the participants is reading the text, a text selection proposal is constructed with an indexical text reference and indicative summary of the topic. In bothpractices, a separate utterance that functions as a proposal is required to accomplish the complete text selection proposal turn.
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    StatusPublished - 20-nov-2020

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