The 172 kb prkA-addAB region from 83 degrees to 97 degrees of the Bacillus subtilis chromosome contains several dysfunctional genes, the glyB marker, many genes encoding transporter proteins, and the ubiquitous hit gene

MA Noback, S Holsappel, R Kiewiet, P Terpstra, R Wambutt, H Wedler, G Venema, S Bron*

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A 171812 bp nucleotide sequence between prkA and addAB (83 degrees to 97 degrees) on the genetic map of the Bacillus subtilis 168 chromosome was determined and analysed. An accurate physical/genetic map of this previously poorly described chromosomal region was constructed. One hundred and seventy open reading frames (ORFs) were identified on this DNA fragment. These include the previously described genes cspB, glpPFKD, spoVR, phoAIV, papQ, citRA, sspB, prsA, hpr, pbpF, hemEHY, aprE, comK and addAB. ORF yhaF in this region corresponds to the glyB marker. Among the striking features of this region are: an abundance of genes encoding (putative) transporter proteins, several dysfunctional genes, the ubiquitous hit gene, and five multidrug-resistance-like genes. These analyses have also revealed the existence of numerous paralogues of ORFs in this region: about two-thirds of the putative genes seem to have at least one paralogue in the B. subtilis genome.

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StatusPublished - apr-1998

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