The ABC of Modern Biography

Nigel Hamilton, Hans Renders



    In this book - an ABC of the genre, with 26 entries - two renowned biographers and teachers take us on a tour, from A for Authorization to Z for Zigzagging to the End. In trenchant, witty entries they explore the good, the bad and the plain ugly in modern 'life writing' and the portrayal of real lives today - and how, across history and continents, we got here. This book will fascinate general readers interested in how real lives are approached by biographers today in a multitude of media. It will make a much-needed contribution in academia, as well as providing an important text for students of history, language and literature, the arts, science and media. And, not least, for biographers trying to avoid the pitfalls of ignorance or ineptitude.
    Originele taal-2English
    UitgeverijAmsterdam University Press
    Aantal pagina's250
    ISBN van geprinte versie9789462988712
    StatusPublished - sep.-2018


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