The Astrometric Calibration Software System for Euclid's External Surveys

W. Mulder*, J. T. A. de Jong*, G. A. Verdoes Kleijn, E. A. Valentijn, O. R. Williams, D. R. Boxhoorn, A. N. Belikov, M. Fabricius, E. M. Helmich, M. Wetzstein, T. Vassallo, K. George

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ESA's Euclid mission will construct a 3D map of the distribution of over a billion galaxies. Multi-band ground-based imaging data will complement the satellite data as it is essential for measuring highly accurate colors required to obtain precise galaxy photometric redshifts. These data will be provided by multiple surveys that need to be combined into a homogeneously calibrated data set that can be combined with the photometry and astrometry of the Euclid space-based imaging. The "EXT Processing Function" inside the Euclid Science Ground Segment handles the calibration and validation of the ground-based images, places them on the Euclid astrometric and photometric reference frames, and coadditions images. A key challenge is that the Euclid astrometric reference frame will evolve during the mission. We summarise the architecture of the EXT Processing Function and thereafter focus prototyping the database table handling system that can deal with an evolving astrometric reference frame.
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TitelAstronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXIX
RedacteurenR. Pizzo, E.R. Deul, J-D. Mol, J. de Plaa , H. Verkouter
UitgeverijAstronomical Society of the Pacific
StatusPublished - 2020
EvenementAstronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXIX: (ADASS XXIX) - Groningen, Netherlands
Duur: 6-okt.-201910-okt.-2019

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NaamAstronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXIX. ASP Conference Series
UitgeverijAstronomical Society of the Pacific


ConferenceAstronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXIX

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