The Birthday Party Test (BPT); A new picture description test to support the assessment of simultanagnosia in patients with acquired brain injury

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There is broad consensus on the utility of complex pictures in the assessment of simultanagnosia in patients with acquired brain injury (ABI). To overcome various shortcomings of current instruments, we have developed the Birthday Party Test (BPT); a picture description test that contains a neutral scene, a balanced representation of events, and provides clear instructions and a scoring-aid. We have applied the BPT in a large group of patients with ABI (n = 502) and in an age-matched healthy control group (n = 194). Our results show that performance on the BPT was associated with a range of descriptive, neuropsychological and clinical characteristics and that poor test performance appeared to be more common in patients with etiologies that have an increased risk of bilateral damage. Furthermore, we assume a high correspondence between test performance on the BPT and the assessor’s clinical judgment of likely having simultanagnosia in preliminary analyses. This study shows the potential usefulness of the BPT to support diagnostic decision making in simultanagnosia. The BPT is made freely available to facilitate its broad application in the clinical assessment of patients with visual impairment and to enable a further evaluation of its utility and validity in future studies.
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