The Book of Joshua

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    "The Book of Joshua contains the papers of the Colloquium Biblicum Lovaniense 2010 on the Book of Joshua and the Land of Israel. Not for the sake of plurality as such, but as a signal of the state of the art in Joshua research in the post-Noth era this volume functions as a platform for different approaches in exegetical and historical studies. Text-critical, redaction-critical and compositional studies, as well as final text reading are offered. The papers are grouped together in six thematic clusters: Text, Versions and Terminology; Tradition, Composition and Context; History, Archaeology and Geography; Crossing the Jordan; Jericho and Violence; History of Reception. Starting with the question which text we read (MT, LXX, 4QJosha) the book engages not only in the recent Pentateuch-Hexateuch debate, but also in the problematic fields of (divine) violence and the land. Therefore an important section deals with the history of reception, starting with the Book of Maccabees, Philo, Josephus, the New Testament and ending up with two examples of reception in recent times. " -- Publisher's description
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