De bijdrage van praktijkonderzoek aan de kwaliteit van aanstaande leraren basisonderwijs


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The central question in this research is: What is the contribution of practitioner research to the professional development of student teachers primary school?
Intended result is to gain insight into the relationship between the quality of practitioner research and the quality of pedagogical teaching behavior of student teachers primary school. Review of the inquiry based attitude in practice could add an extra dimension to the assessment of student teachers. As possible explanatory factors for the results, the influence of the curriculum of different institutes for teacher education and the competences of the teacher educators in teaching and supervising student research are studied.
Vertaalde titel van de bijdrageThe contribution of practitioner research to the quality of student teachers primary education
Originele taal-2Dutch
StatusPublished - 18-jun-2015
Evenement Onderwijs Research Dagen 2015 (ORD) - Leiden, Netherlands
Duur: 17-jun-201519-jun-2015


Conference Onderwijs Research Dagen 2015 (ORD)

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