The contribution of the diaspora to the reconstruction of education in South Sudan: The challenge of being involved from a distance

Josje van der Linden*, Marit Blaak, Florence Aate Andrew

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Conflicts all over the world result in people living in diaspora, usually maintaining strong ties with their countries of origin. As many of them are well educated and dedicated to their country, expectations of the role they can play in the development of their home country are high. This article reflects on the contribution of the South Sudanese diaspora to the reconstruction of the education system, which was badly affected by over 40 years of civil war. Theories of capacity development, human capabilities and transnationalism are used to build a framework to analyse micro-development projects in the education sector initiated by the South Sudanese diaspora. Case studies and in-depth interviews led to the identification of opportunities and challenges as experienced in these projects. The conclusion points to the need to rethink partnerships in the reconstruction of the education sector in South Sudan.

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TijdschriftCompare: A journal of comparative and international education
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StatusPublished - 1-sep.-2013

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