The creative industries: conflict or collaboration? An analysis of the perspectives from which policymakers, art organizations and creative organizations in the creative industries are acting

Douwe Nijzink, Quirijn van den Hoogen, Pascal Gielen

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    This paper compares and contrasts the instruments and values formulated in the creative industries policies of three peripheral municipalities of between 150,000 and 220,000 inhabitants in the Netherlands (Groningen, Arnhem and Eindhoven) with the needs of the creative industries itself. The needs of the creative industries have been empirically researched by conducting an online survey (n = 556) and twelve in-depth interviews with professionals from different types of organizations in the creative industries. In this study, the theoretical framework of Boltanski, Thévenot and Chiapello is used in the analysis of policy documents, the outcomes of the online survey, and the in-depth interviews in order to uncover differences and similarities in perspectives from which art organizations, creative organizations and policymakers are acting in the creative industries.
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    TijdschriftInternational Journal of Cultural Policy
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    StatusPublished - 4-aug-2015

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