The curious case of cases: An inquiry into the effects of video upon teachers in training

Walter Geerts


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How can the use of video contribute to the training of teachers?

No day is the same in education. Every moment and every child call for a responsible approach from the teacher in each specific situation. To put it briefly, a complex profession that requires situated knowledge. This knowledge develops through the teacher’s mental activity, which is connected to the interactions between their body and the physical environment in which they act. Situated knowledge includes educational purposes and action patterns (design patterns). These purposes determine the design patterns used in learning situations.

Little attention is paid to the situated aspect of professional knowledge, as shown by empirical research in second-degree teacher training. However, literature search shows that video cases are used in order to achieve both lower and higher learning objectives. This research demonstrates that the use of video cases contributes to a stronger development of situated knowledge in second-year teachers in training, reflected in the form of educational purposes, the pattern language ‘teaching’ and the design pattern ‘dealing with disorder’. Furthermore, four cases demonstrate that fourth-year teachers in training have acquired the situated knowledge that can be expected of them.

According to these four studies, assignments based on video cases that focus on acquiring educational purposes and design patterns can contribute to the situated knowledge of teachers in training. At the end of their training, teachers in training are able to reflect on their actions, insights and identity, which contributes to their situated knowledge. Teacher trainers can optimize the acquisition of situated knowledge by using instruments discussed in this dissertation.
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