The design, production and clinical application of 3D patient-specific implants with drilling guides for acetabular surgery

B. J. Merema, J. Kraeima, K. ten Duis, K. W. Wendt, R. Warta, E. Vos, R. H. Schepers, M. J. H. Witjes, F. F. A. IJpma*

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An innovative procedure for the development of 3D patient-specific implants with drilling guides for acetabular fracture surgery is presented. By using CT data and 3D surgical planning software, a virtual model of the fractured pelvis was created. During this process the fracture was virtually reduced. Based on the reduced fracture model, patient-specific titanium plates including polyamide drilling guides were designed, 3D printed and milled for intra-operative use. One of the advantages of this procedure is that the personalised plates could be tailored to both the shape of the pelvis and the type of fracture. The optimal screw directions and sizes were predetermined in the 3D model. The virtual plan was translated towards the surgical procedure by using the surgical guides and patient-specific osteosynthesis. Besides the description of the newly developed multi-disciplinary workflow, a clinical case example is presented to demonstrate that this technique is feasible and promising for the operative treatment of complex acetabular fractures.

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TijdschriftInjury-International Journal of the Care of the Injured
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StatusPublished - nov.-2017

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