The development of the Hidegség and Fertöhomok vowel system



    The variety of Croatian spoken in Hidegseg & Fertohomok, villages in northwest Hungary, is claimed to be Kajkavian. Their vowel systems differ somewhat; both have six stressed vowels distinguished by length, but Fertohomok has five unstressed vowels & Hidegseg four. The development of these two systems is traced from the Proto-Kajkavian system reconstructed by W. R. Vermeer (1983). It is asserted that the fronting of *u/*u to u/u is not just a local development but is shared with common Kajkavian & some Cakavian & Stokavian dialects. Later these were defronted, causing u to be lowered to o. All the changes can be explained as straightforward developments from Proto-Kajkavian rather than as contaminations of Cakavian or Stokavian origin.
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    TitelStudies in South Slavic and Balkan Linguistics
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    Naam Studies in Slavic and General Linguistics
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    • Croatian dialectology, Kajkavian, historical Slavic linguistics

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