The discourse structure of video games: A multimodal discourse semantics approach to game tutorials

Janina Wildfeuer*, Dušan Stamenković

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    The article proposes a multimodal discourse semantics approach to the analysis of video game tutorials that provides a discourse pragmatic analysis of the game canvases in these tutorials. The study mainly builds on linguistic approaches to formal dynamic discourse semantics that have already been successfully applied to other multimodal artefacts. The article will showcase the application of the resulting ‘logic of multimodal discourse interpretation’ to two specific cases of video game tutorials. This will outline particular discourse relations holding between events and segments in the tutorials as distinctive features of this video game genre and show the discursive patterns of these instructions.
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    TijdschriftLanguage & Communication
    Vroegere onlinedatum6-dec-2021
    StatusPublished - jan-2022

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