The Disk Mass Project: breaking the disk-halo degeneracy

Marc A. W. Verheijen, Matthew A. Bershady, Rob A. Swaters, David R. Andersen, Kyle B. Westfall



Little is known about the content and distribution of dark matter in spiral galaxies. To break the degeneracy in galaxy rotation curve decompositions, which allows a wide range of dark matter halo density profiles, an independent measure of the mass surface density of stellar disks is needed. Here, we present our ongoing Disk Mass project, using two custom-built Integral Field Units, to measure the vertical velocity dispersion of stars in ~40 spiral galaxies. This will provide a kinematic measurement of the stellar disk mass required to break the degeneracy, enabling us to determine the dark matter properties in spiral galaxies with unprecedented accuracy. Here we present preliminary results for three galaxies with different central disk surface brightness levels.
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Subtitel Structure and Evolution of Disk Galaxies"
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StatusPublished - 1-okt.-2007

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