The dynamics of culture -towards governance of cultural space1

Geert Drion*

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This chapter explores the interrelated dynamics of culture and cultural (policy) discourse. It finds that these dynamics have obscured the focus of cultural policy and cluttered its core concepts. Peeling back the dynamics of culture as interactional process, this chapter proposes to differentiate “rhetorical space” (as the locus of discourse about culture) from “cultural space”-as the locus of cultural communication. Subsequently, this chapter explores how “governance of cultural space” may offer a new perspective for cultural policy, avoiding the wicked problems ingrained in current policies and legitimising strategies. Finally, it offers new deliberations for EU cultural policy agendas, advocating a new, unifying vocabulary.

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TitelCultural Governance
SubtitelCurrent and Future European Perspectives
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StatusPublished - 1-jan.-2023

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