The Effect of Antibiotics Treatment on the Maternal Immune Response and Gut Microbiome in Pregnant and Non-Pregnant Mice

Marijke M. Faas*, Yuanrui Liu, Lieske Wekema, Gisela A. Weis, Carolien A van Loo-Bouwman, Luis Silva Lagos

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The gut microbiota are involved in adaptations of the maternal immune response to pregnancy. We therefore hypothesized that inducing gut dysbiosis during pregnancy alters the maternal immune response. Thus, pregnant mice received antibiotics from day 9 to day 16 to disturb the maternal gut microbiome. Feces were collected before, during and after antibiotic treatment, and microbiota were measured using 16S RNA sequencing. Mice were sacrificed at day 18 of pregnancy and intestinal (Peyer’s patches (PP) and mesenteric lymph nodes (MLN)) and peripheral immune responses (blood and spleen) were measured using flow cytometry. Antibiotic treatment decreased fetal and placental weight. The bacterial count and the Shannon index were significantly decreased (Friedman, followed by Dunn’s test, p < 0.05) and the bacterial genera abundance was significantly changed (Permanova, p < 0.05) following antibiotics treatment as compared with before treatment. Splenic Th1 cells and activated blood monocytes were increased, while Th2, Th17 and FoxP3/RoRgT double-positive cells in the PP and MLNs were decreased in pregnant antibiotics-treated mice as compared with untreated pregnant mice. In addition, intestinal dendritic cell subsets were affected by antibiotics. Correlation of immune cells with bacterial genera showed various correlations between immune cells in the PP, MLN and peripheral circulation (blood and spleen). We conclude the disturbed gut microbiota after antibiotics treatment disturbed the maternal immune response. This disturbed maternal immune response may affect fetal and placental weight.

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StatusPublished - 12-jun.-2023


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