The effects of child- and youth-coaching for children in multi-problem families: Research proposal



This research proposal was presented at the ISED research days 2015 at Leiden University. Children and teenagers growing up in environments with multiple stressors are at an increased risk for developing behavioural and emotional problems. In this proposal a study is presented that aims to evaluate the effects of child- and youth-coaching for children in multiproblem families. A longitudinal design is proposed measuring emotional and behavioural problems (SDQ), psychosocial skills (VPV) and quality of the pedagogical environment (BIC-Q). This study is presented within the framework of a PhD-project aimed at investigating the effects of child- and youth-coaching in multi-problem families.
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StatusPublished - 12-nov.-2015
EvenementVNOP-ISED-CAS Research Days 2015 - Leiden, Netherlands
Duur: 12-nov.-201513-nov.-2015


ConferenceVNOP-ISED-CAS Research Days 2015
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