The effects of La3+ and Ce3+ dopants on the scintillation properties of BaF2 crystals

P Dorenbos*, R Visser, R.W Hollander, C.W.E van Eijk, H.W. den Hartog

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    We have measured the X-ray induced emission spectra, the photoelectron yields/MeV gamma ray energy, and the scintillation decay times of BaF2 doped with 0. 002 to 10 mol% Ce3+. The results will be compared with results obtained for pure BaF2 and La3+ doped BaF2 crystals. A model for the scintillation mechanisms in these crystals will be proposed which explains qualitatively the influence of the type of doping and its concentration on the wavelength dependence and time dependence of the scintillation light output
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    TijdschriftRadiation Effects and Defects in Solids
    StatusPublished - 1991

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