The efficacy of a self-help parenting program for parents of children with externalizing behavior: a randomized controlled trial

Suzanne R. C. de Jong*, Barbara J. van den Hoofdakker, Lianne Van Der Veen-Mulders, Betty Veenman, Jos W. R. Twisk, Jaap Oosterlaan, Marjolein Luman

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    Parenting programs are effective for children with externalizing problems, but not always easily accessible for parents. In order to facilitate accessibility, we developed a self-help parenting program, consisting of a manual and online part. The efficacy of the program in reducing children's externalizing problems was compared to waitlist in a randomized controlled trial. In addition, two versions of the program were exploratively compared, one with and one without biweekly telephonic support. Candidate moderators (child and parent factors) and parental satisfaction were also examined. We randomly assigned 110 families to one of the following three conditions: the support condition, the no support condition, or the waitlist condition. Intervention duration was 15 weeks. Outcomes were collected at baseline (T0), 8 weeks (T1), 15 weeks (T2), and 28 weeks (T3) and included daily telephonic measurements of parent-rated externalizing behavior and the Intensity scale of the parent-rated Eyberg Child Behavior Inventory (ECBI). Main analyses compared outcomes at T2, using longitudinal regressions with T0 as fixed factor. Results showed that children improved significantly more on both outcomes in the intervention condition compared to waitlist, with small to medium effect sizes. Parental satisfaction was high. Neither differences in efficacy nor in parental satisfaction were found between the support and no support condition. No moderators were detected. The newly developed self-help parenting program is effective in reducing children's externalizing behavior problems and may help improve access to evidence-based care.

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    Pagina's (van-tot)2031-2042
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    TijdschriftEuropean Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
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    StatusPublished - okt.-2023

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