The Euclid Archive System: A Data-Centric Approach to Big Data

Sara Nieto, Pilar de Teodoro, Jesus Salgado, Bruno Altieri, Guillermo Buenadicha, Andrey Belikov, Danny Boxhoorn, John McFarland, Edwin A. Valentijn, O. R. Williams, Bob Droege, Amdrey Tsyganov

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We review the architectural design and implementation of the Euclid Archive System (EAS) which is in the core of the Euclid Science Ground System (SGS) and represents a new generation of data-centric scientific information systems. It will handle up to one hundred PBs of mission data in a heterogeneous storage environment and will allow intensive access both to the data and metadata produced during the mission. This paper makes a particular emphasis on the access to science-ready products and interfaces which will be provided for the end-user.
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TitelAstronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXVI
RedacteurenMarco Molinaro, Keith Shortridge, Fabio Pasian
UitgeverijAstronomical Society of the Pacific
ISBN van elektronische versie978-1-58381-930-2
ISBN van geprinte versie978-1-58381-929-6
StatusPublished - 2019
EvenementAstronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXVI
- Trieste, Italy
Duur: 16-okt.-201620-okt.-2016

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ConferenceAstronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXVI

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