The health and budget impact of sodium-glucose co-transporter-2 inhibitors (SGLT2is) in The Netherlands

Alexander V. van Schoonhoven, Marcel H. Schöttler, Erik H. Serné, Patrick P.G. Schrömbges, Maarten J. Postma, Cornelis Boersma*

*Corresponding author voor dit werk

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Objectives: Type-2 Diabetes mellitus (T2DM) increases both the patient risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) and renal outcomes, such as chronic kidney disease (CKD). Recent clinical trials of the glucose-lowering drug-class of sodium-glucose co-transporter-2 inhibitors (SGLT2is) have shown benefits in preventing CVD events and progression of CKD, leading to an update of the Dutch T2DM treatment guideline for patients at risk. The aim of this study is to assess the health and economic impact of the guideline-recommended utilization of SGLT2is in the Netherlands. Methods: The patient population at risk was determined by multiplying Dutch T2DM prevalence rates with the total numbers of inhabitants of the Netherlands in 2020. Subsequently, two analyses, comparing a treatment setting before and after implementation of the new guideline for SGLT2is, were conducted. Clinical and adverse event rates in both settings as well as direct healthcare costs were sourced from the literature. Total costs were calculated by multiplying disease prevalence, event rates and costs associated to outcomes. One-time disutilities per event were included to estimate the health impact. The potential health and economic impact of implementing the updated guideline was calculated. Results: Using a 5-year time horizon, the guideline-suggested utilization of SGLT2is resulted in a health impact equal to 4835 quality adjusted life years gained (0.0031 per patient per year) and €461 million cost-savings. The costs of treatment with SGLT2is were €813 million. Hence the net budget impact was €352 million for the total Dutch T2DM population, which translated to €0,57 per patient per day. Conclusion: SGLT2is offer an option to reduce the number of CVD and CKD related events and associated healthcare costs and health losses in the Netherlands. Further research is needed to include the benefits of improved T2DM management options from a broader societal perspective.Highlights The glucose-lowering drug-class of sodium-glucose co-transporter-2 inhibitors (SGLT2is) has shown benefits in preventing cardiovascular events and progression of kidney disease in patients with type-2 diabetes leading to a revision of the respective Dutch treatment guideline. The 5-year budget impact of the adoption of SGLT2is in the new treatment guideline was equal to €352 million or €0.57 per patient per day, with a total of 4385 quality adjusted life years gained. The introduction of SGLT2is for Dutch type-2 diabetes patients has the potential to substantially reduce the number of cardiovascular as well as renal disease events and related healthcare costs while also delivering a health benefit.

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TijdschriftJournal of Medical Economics
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StatusPublished - 2023


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