The impact of work and non-work migration on household welfare, poverty and inequality: New evidence from Vietnam

Cuong Viet Nguyen*, Robert Lensink, Marrit Van den Berg

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This article estimates the impact of work migration and non-work migration on per capita income, per capita expenditures, poverty and inequality in Vietnam using data from the two most recent Vietnam Household and Living Standard Surveys. We find that both work migration and non-work migration have a positive impact on per capita expenditures of migrant-sending households. Non-work migration significantly decreases the incidence, depth and severity of national poverty. The effect of work migration on poverty is much smaller. Still, while work migration does not lift people out of poverty, it makes their poverty less severe. In addition, both work migration and non-work migration decrease inequality, albeit only very slightly.

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TijdschriftEconomics of Transition
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StatusPublished - okt-2011

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