The influence of alcohol on L1 vs. L2 pronunciation

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    In this study, we investigated the influence of alcohol intake on pronunciation in both a native and a non-native language. At a Dutch music festival, we recorded the speech of 87 participants in Dutch (native language) and English (non-native language) when reading a few sentences in both languages. The recorded audio samples were judged by 108 sober native Dutch speakers in a perception
    experiment at the same festival. Participants were asked to judge how clear the Dutch pronunciations of a random selection of speakers were and how
    native-like the English pronunciations were. The results, analysed using generalized additive modelling (which is able to identify non-linear
    relationships), indicated a small linear negative relationship between alcohol intake and clarity of Dutch speech. For English there was no effect of
    alcohol intake on the native-likeness of the English pronunciations.
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