The influence of the surface topography on the magnetization dynamics in soft magnetic thin films

C. B. Craus, G. Palasantzas, A. R. Chezan, J. Th. M. De Hosson, D. O. Boerma, L. Niesen

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In this work we study the influence of surface roughness on the magnetization dynamics of soft magnetic nanocrystalline Fe-Zr-N thin films deposited (under identical conditions) onto a Si oxide, a thin polymer layer, and a thin Cu layer. The substrate temperature during deposition was approximately -25 degreesC ensuring a nanocrystalline state. The demagnetizing factors due to sample roughness were calculated based on atomic force microscopy (AFM) analysis of the surface topography. A clear correlation between sample roughness and the width of the high-frequency response is observed. The local random demagnetizing field created by the nanocrystalline structure and the surface topography is responsible for the positive shift of the ferromagnetic resonance frequency. In addition, a pronounced effect of line broadening is induced by the surface topography at large wavelengths. Finally, we show a good agreement between the values of the average demagnetizing field 4piNM(S) as calculated from the AFM scans, and the values calculated from the frequency-dependent complex permeability measurements.

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TijdschriftJournal of Applied Physics
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StatusPublished - 1-jan.-2005

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