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Tom Oosterloo, Marc Verheijen, Wim van Capellen


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We describe a Phased Array Feed (PAF) system, called Apertif, which will be installed in the Westerbork Synthesis Radio Telescope (WSRT). The aim of Apertif is, at frequencies from 1.0 to 1.7 GHz, to increase the instantaneous field of view of the WSRT to 8 deg2 and its observing bandwidth to 300 MHz with high spectral resolution. This system will turn the WSRT into an effective survey telescope with scientific applications ranging from deep surveys of the northern sky of HI and OH emission and polarised continuum to efficient searches for pulsars and transients. We present results obtained with a prototype PAF installed in one of the WSRT dishes. These results demonstrate that at decimetre wavelengths PAFs have excellent performance and that even for a single beam on the sky, they can outperform single feed radio dishes. PAFs turn radio telescopes into very effective survey instruments. Apertif is now fully funded and the community invited to express their interest in using Apertif (see
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StatusPublished - jun.-2010
EvenementProc. International SKA Forum (ISKAF), Assen, the Netherlands, 9-16 June 2010 -
Duur: 1-jan.-20101-jan.-2010


OtherProc. International SKA Forum (ISKAF), Assen, the Netherlands, 9-16 June 2010

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