The Liver X Receptor in Correlation with Other Nuclear Receptors in Spontaneous and Recurrent Abortions

Julia Knabl, Aurelia Pestka, Rebecca Huettenbrenner, Torsten Plosch, Regina Ensenauer, Lena Welbergen, Stefan Hutter, Maria Guenthner-Biller, Udo Jeschke*

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The liver X receptors (LXRs) have been shown to be crucially involved in maternal-fetal cholesterol transport and placentation. The aim of this study was to investigate the expression pattern and frequency of LXR under normal physiological circumstances and in spontaneous abortion and/or recurrent miscarriage. A total of 29 (12 physiologic pregnancies/10 spontaneous abortions/7 recurrent miscarriages) human pregnancies in first trimester were analysed for LXR expression. Expression changes were evaluated by immunohistochemistry for receptor and quantitative RT-PCR (TaqMan) was performed to determine the level of LXR mRNA expression. We also stained for RXR alpha and PPAR gamma as possible heterodimers of LXR. LXR expression was downregulated in the syncytiotrophoblast of spontaneous abortion placentas compared to normal pregnancy. In recurrent miscarriage there was a trend for a downregulation. Decidua showed an even stronger downregulation in both groups. In the syncytiotrophoblast we found a positive correlation for the combination of LXR/PPAR gamma in abortions and a negative correlation for LXR/RXR alpha. In addition, double-immunofluorescence staining showed that LXR as well as RXR alpha and PPAR gamma are expressed by the extravillous trophoblast. Finally, RXR alpha and LXR showed coexpression in the same extravillous trophoblast cells. To conclude, our data show that LXR expression is decreased in miscarriage.

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TijdschriftPpar research
StatusPublished - mrt-2013

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