The Luminal Progenitor Compartment of the Normal Human Mammary Gland Constitutes a Unique Site of Telomere Dysfunction

Nagarajan Kannan, Nazmul Huda, LiRen Tu, Radina Droumeva, Geraldine Aubert, Elizabeth Chavez, Ryan R. Brinkman, Peter Lansdorp, Joanne Emerman, Satoshi Abe, Connie Eaves*, David Gilley

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Telomeres are essential for genomic integrity, but little is known about their regulation in the normal human mammary gland. We now demonstrate that a phenotypically defined cell population enriched in luminal progenitors (LPs) is characterized by unusually short telomeres independently of donor age. Furthermore, we find that multiple DNA damage response proteins colocalize with telomeres in >95% of LPs but in

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TijdschriftStem Cell Reports
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StatusPublished - 4-jun-2013

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