The microenvironment of Hodgkin lymphoma: Composition and interaction

Ahmad Sattarzadeh


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    Hodgkin lymphoma (HL) as a type of lymphoma with two subtypes including classical Hodgkin lymphoma (cHL) and nodular lymphocyte predominant Hodgkin lymphoma (NLPHL). HL is a unique type of lymphoma with a population of neoplastic cells which consist less than1% of the total cell population- in a background of immune cells mainly consist of T-cells, B cells, so-called microenvironment. The cells of microenvironment do not react against the neoplastic cells and their interaction with neoplastic cells, provide survival signals and protection against immune system, for neoplastic cells. A comprehensive view of combination of the cell populations of the microenvironment, would provide a chance to obtain a deeper understanding of the interaction of neoplastic cells and microenvironment.

    In this thesis we determined the cell populations of microenvironment of cHL and NLPHL in general and with a specific focus on the cells in close vicinity of the neoplastic cells. Current thesis indicates that the combination of microenvironment of cHL in Epstein Barr virus infected cHL cases (EBV+ cHL) is different compared to EBV- cHL cases, which might be due specific reaction of immune system against this virus. On the other hand, the combination of microenvironment of NLPHL indicates a significant population of TFH cells. Subsequent study also suggests that the TFH cells form rosette around neoplastic cells of the NLPHL. In addition, comparison of the cell populations of cHL and NLPHL indicate differences in combination of microenvironments of two subtypes. This fact suggests that each sub-type, applies different mechanisms for survive.
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