The multipurpose family of flavoprotein oxidases

Caterina Martin, Claudia Binda, Marco W Fraaije*, Andrea Mattevi

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This chapter represents a journey through flavoprotein oxidases. The purpose is to excite the reader curiosity regarding this class of enzymes by showing their diverse applications. We start with a brief overview on oxidases to then introduce flavoprotein oxidases and elaborate on the flavin cofactors, their redox and spectroscopic characteristics, and their role in the catalytic mechanism. The six major flavoprotein oxidase families will be described, giving examples of their importance in biology and their biotechnological uses. Specific attention will be given to a few selected flavoprotein oxidases that are not extensively discussed in other chapters of this book. Glucose oxidase, cholesterol oxidase, 5-(hydroxymethyl)furfural (HMF) oxidase and methanol oxidase are four examples of oxidases belonging to the GMC-like flavoprotein oxidase family and that have been shown to be valuable biocatalysts. Their structural and mechanistic features and recent enzyme engineering will be discussed in details. Finally we give a look at the current trend in research and conclude with a future outlook.

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TitelFlavin-Dependent Enzymes
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