The Need for Routine Native Nephrectomy in the Workup for Kidney Transplantation in Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease Patients

Niek F. Casteleijn*, Paul Geertsema, Iris W. Koorevaar, Friso D. J. Inkelaar, Marnix R. Jansen, Steven J. Lohuis, Esther Meijer, Robert A. Pol, Jan-Stephan Sanders, Peter E. van de Streek, Anna M. Leliveld, Ron T. Gansevoort

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Introduction: There is no consensus if nor when a native nephrectomy should be performed in the workup for kidney transplantation in ADPKD patients. In our PKD Expertise Center, a restrictive approach is pursued in which nephrectomy is performed only in patients with severe complaints, i.e., in case of serious volume-related complaints, lack of space for the allograft, recurrent cyst infections, persistent cyst bleedings, or chronic refractory pain. We analyzed in a retrospective cohort study whether this approach is justified. Methods: All ADPKD patients who received kidney transplantation between January 2000 and January 2019 were reviewed. Patients were subdivided into three groups: no nephrectomy (no-Nx), nephrectomy performed before (pre-Tx), or after kidney transplantation (post-Tx). Simultaneous nephrectomy together with transplantation were not performed in our center. Results: 391 patients (54 +/- 9 years, 55% male) were included. The majority of patients did not undergo a nephrectomy (n = 257, 65.7%). A nephrectomy was performed pre-Tx in 114 patients (29.2%). After Tx, nephrectomy was performed in only 30 patients (7.7%, median 4.4 years post-Tx). Surgery-related complication rates did not differ between both groups (38.3% pre-Tx vs. 27.0% post-Tx, p = 0.2), nor were there any differences in 10-year patient survival (74.4% pre-Tx vs. 80.7% post-Tx vs. 67.6% no-Nx, p = 0.4), as well as in 10-year death-censored graft survival (84.4% pre-Tx vs. 85.5% post-Tx vs. 90.0% no-Nx, p = 0.9). Conclusions: This study indicates that with a restrictive nephrectomy policy in the workup for kidney transplantation, only a part of ADPKD patients need a native nephrectomy.

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TijdschriftUrologia internationalis
StatusE-pub ahead of print - 8-jul.-2022

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