The neglected puzzle of dementia in people with severe/profound intellectual disabilities: A systematic literature review of observable symptoms

Maureen B. G. Wissing*, Aurora M. Ulgiati, Johannes S. M. Hobbelen, Peter P. De Deyn, Aly Waninge, Alain D. Dekker

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Background: Dementia is increasingly prevalent in people with severe/profound intellectual disabilities. However, early detection and diagnosis of dementia is complex in this population. This study aimed to identify observable dementia symptoms in adults with severe/profound intellectual disabilities in available literature.

Method: A systematic literature search was conducted in PubMed, PsycINFO and Web of Science with an exhaustive search string using a combination of search terms for severe/profound intellectual disabilities and dementia/ageing.

Results: Eleven studies met inclusion criteria. Cognitive decline, behavioural and psychological alterations, decline in activities of daily living as well as neurological and physical changes were found.

Conclusions: Only a very limited number of studies reported symptoms ascribed to dementia in adults with severe/profound intellectual disabilities. Given the complexity of signalling and diagnosing dementia, dedicated studies are required to unravel the natural history of dementia in this population.

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TijdschriftJournal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities
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StatusPublished - jan.-2022

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