The new readout electronics for the BaF2-calorimeter TAPS

P Drexler*, U Thoring, W Bonn, HAP van der Duin, R Holzmann, G van der Kruk, B Krusche, H Lohner, V Metag, TW Nijboer, R Novotny, A Potapov, C Salz, S Schadmand, M Steinacher, M Thiel, H Vorenholt

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    A highly compact and fast VME based readout board for BaF2 scintillation detectors has been designed, developed, and finally tested in an in-beam experiment. Adapted to the excellent properties of BaF2, the unit allows to digitize time, energy, and pulse-shape information of four detector channels in parallel. The board is piggy-back plugged onto a motherboard containing a high-speed 12-bit ADC and the VME interface, commercially available in the customized version CAEN V874 A. Both combine to one single VME slot. A first measurement of the photon response of a TAPS subarray with energy tagged photons up to 2.6 GeV documents the full functionality and excellent performance.

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    TijdschriftIEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science
    Nummer van het tijdschrift4
    StatusPublished - aug.-2003
    EvenementNuclear Science Symposium (NSS)/Symposium on Nuclear Power Systems (SNPS) -
    Duur: 10-nov.-200216-nov.-2002

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