The particle ʿkdy in the Namārah inscription and a new interpretation of line 4

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This paper edits a new Safaitic inscription that attests the particle ‘kd(y), also found in the Namārah inscription. Based on the clear context of the Safaitic attestation, we can now be certain that the particle is a conjunction meaning ‘then’, ‘thereafter’, ‘until’ although its etymology remains uncertain. The paper then moves to a discussion on the linguistic relationship between the Arabic of the Namārah inscription and Safaitic, cautioning against the practice of labelling any pre‐Islamic text attesting the ’l‐definite article as Classical Arabic. Finally, a new interpretation of line 4 of the Namārah inscription is offered in an attempt to remedy the problem of double vassalage.
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TijdschriftJournal of Semitic Studies
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StatusPublished - 2021
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