The placenta in toxicology. Part III: Pathologic assessment of the placenta

J Mark Cline, Darlene Dixon, Jan Ernerudh, Marijke M Faas, Claudia Göhner, Jan-Dirk Häger, Udo R Markert, Christiane Pfarrer, Judit Svensson-Arvelund, Eberhard Buse

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This short review is derived from the peer-reviewed literature and the experience and case materials of the authors. Brief illustrated summaries are presented on the gross and histologic normal anatomy of rodent and macaque placentas, including typical organ weights, with comments on differences from the human placenta. Common incidental findings, background lesions, and induced toxic lesions are addressed, and a recommended strategy for pathologic evaluation of placentas is provided.

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TijdschriftToxicologic Pathology
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StatusPublished - feb-2014

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