The Pluriversity for Stuck Humxns: A Queer EcoPedagogy & Decolonial School

Dylan McGarry, Lena Weber, Injairu Kulundu-Bolus, Taryn Pereira, Shruti Ajit, Leah Temper, Thomas Kloster-Jensen Macintyre, Tania Villarreal, Susanne C. Moser, Rebecca Shelton, Martha Cecilia Chaves Villegas, Kuany Kiir Kuany, Jessica Cockburn, Luke Metelerkamp, Shristee Bajpai, Stefan Bengtsson, Saskia Vermeylen, Heila Lotz-Sisitka, Ethemcan Turhan, Tshego Khutsoane

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    The Pluriversity for stuck humxns is an exploratory dialogue between early career researchers and established researchers. It responds to the concern that dominant forms of knowledge production are not assisting us to move towards life affirming ways of being and that alternatives are possible. The production of this chapter is one of many new acts towards realising other modes of being and becoming unstuck in scholar activist practice. The chapter begins with an invitation in the form of a poem by Lena Weber, and the resulting text is a response to the poem from multiple contributors from around the world, who imagine transgressive and progressive ‘departments’ of the Pluriversity. Situated amongst the impulses of queer ecopedagogy and drawing on imagination to understand and play with multiple (or diverse) knowledges, the authors explore what nurturing institutions for scholarly training and life may look like, and what might be possible and in fact are possible through our collaborative experience in the act of creating the Pluriversity for stuck humxns. Itself an intersectional being, this chapter is a queer inquiry dedicated to challenging and reframing norms and dogma and to shake up the boundaries of categories and narrowly and often dogmatically employed concepts. The authors break open pedagogy in ways that allowed them to question research practice and instead conceive of a ‘research worthy of their longing’.
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    Titel Queer Ecopedagogies
    SubtitelExplorations in Nature, Sexuality, and Education
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    StatusPublished - 10-apr-2021

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    Naam International Explorations in Outdoor and Environmental Education

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