The Power of Philanthropy: MENA Jewry as Partners in Solidarity

Sasha Rachel Goldstein*

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This article explores aspects of Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) Jewry in the first half of the twentieth century through their engagement with philanthropy. Specifically, this article demonstrates how many urban Jewish communities in MENA adopted and adapted Western European philanthropic structures to fit the needs of their local communities by engaging with multiple public spheres (Jewish, Arab, imperial) that were, at times, in conflict with each other. By highlighting the transnational nature of MENA Jewry in the twentieth century, this article demonstrates the importance of philanthropic networks as an articulation of power and social status. Finally, this piece suggests that local Jewish philanthropic initiatives can act as a prism by which we understand power structures within transnational religious networks.
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TijdschriftEndowment Studies
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StatusPublished - 21-dec-2020
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