The proof of the intervention is in the implementation; a systematic review about implementation fidelity of classroom-based interventions facilitating social participation of students with social-emotional problems or behavioural difficulties

Renske R. de Leeuw*, Anke A. de Boer, Alexander E. M. G. Minnaert

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Students with social-emotional problems or behavioural difficulties experience challenges with their social participation in regular primary schools. In response, a substantial number of interventions have been developed. Their effectivity varies when assessed in the classroom, possibly due to teachers’ implementation fidelity. In review studies, little attention has been paid to intervention effectivity with teachers as implementation agent. This review provides an overview of classroom-based interventions (N=7), implemented by teachers and reports available implementation fidelity data. Each study reported on multiple aspects of implementation fidelity, except critical intervention components and the impact of implementation fidelity on the interventions effectivity To bridge the gap between research and practice, empirical research is needed in which the teacher implements the intervention.
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TijdschriftInternational Journal of Educational Research Open
Vroegere onlinedatum23-jun.-2020
StatusPublished - 2020

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