The Psychology of Metaethics: Evidence For and Against Folk Moral Objectivism

Lieuwe Zijlstra*

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The question of whether or not lay people are moral objectivists has been empirically studied by experimental philosophers for almost two decades. It would seem that we should have a beginning of an answer to whether or not the thesis of folk moral objectivism (FMO) is true or false. In this article, I examine the answer to this question by evaluating empirical studies of FMO in five distinct “phases” or approaches. My evaluation reveals that research so far does not provide conclusive evidence that people are moral objectivists. Although this does not imply FMO needs to be false, perhaps it means the burden of proof shifts to those who believe FMO is true.

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TitelExperiments in Moral and Political Philosophy
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StatusPublished - 1-jan.-2023

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