The release of stored energy in heavily irradiated NaCl explosive reactions

D. Vainshtein, M. van den Bemt, J. Seinen, H.C. Datema, H.W. den Hartog

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    During irradiation of NaCl with ionizing radiation at moderate temperatures (50-150 degrees C) irregular structures of very fine Na and Cl nano-precipitates are formed. The increase of the temperature to a value between 50 and 250 degrees C might induce explosive reactions between radiolytic Na and Cl in heavily irradiated NaCl, which are accompanied by a loss of stored energy up to 30% The reactions produce a very fast local temperature rise of at least 800 degrees C and are accompanied by thermal shock waves. Due to explosive reactions the crystals desintegrated into many small fragments. Experiments and theoretical calculations have been carried out to study heavily irradiated NaCl and the dynamics of the thermal shock wave.

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    TijdschriftRadiation effects and defects in solids-Incorporating plasma science and plasma technology
    Nummer van het tijdschrift1-4
    StatusPublished - 1995
    Evenement7th Europhysical Conference on Defects in Insulating Materials (Eurodim 94) - , France
    Duur: 5-jul.-19948-jul.-1994


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