De verbeelding van de prehistorie 2: Postzegels als spiegels van maatschappelijke ontwikkelingen


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Since the themes depicted on postage stamps are determined in national commissions, stamps can be studied as a reflection of the societal relevance
of these themes. This article focuses on European stamps with a prehistoric theme. It is concluded that stamps with this theme have served as instruments
to create historical icons in the new nationstates emerging from the break-up of the Sovjet Union and Yugoslavia. The analysis moreover suggests that especially during the 1960s and 1970s prehistory was an important societal factor
in Sweden, Denmark and Norway. The final case study focuses on megalithic tombs. Whilst in many countries these are depicted as national icons, in the Netherlands they are part of a set of themes typifying the province of Drenthe, stressing their status as a regional icon.
Vertaalde titel van de bijdrageThe representation of prehistory 2: Stamps as mirrors of societal developments
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StatusPublished - 11-dec-2015

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