The role of cell savers and filters in cardiac surgery

Jan Wytze Vermeijden


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    This thesis investigates the different possibilities of blood sparing strategies in routine cardiac on pump surgery. Reducing allogeneic blood transfusions can improve patient outcome. The main focus of the thesis is on methods of improving shed and cardiotomy blood by filtration with the use of leucocyte depletion filters and/or the use of a cell saver device. Leucocyte depletion filters can improve shed- and cardiotomy suction blood by reducing embolic load and reduction of activated leucocytes. Cell savers are devices that collect blood from the operative field. The blood is collected in a reservoir and washed which removes plasma and debris. The effect of different kind of filters, combining leucocyte depletion filters and cell savers, multiple runs of a cell saver device and additional postoperative cell saving on blood quality and blood transfusions in on pump cardiac surgery is investigated.
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