The role of neutral hydrogen in radio galaxies

Bjorn Emonts*, Raffaella Morganti, Tom Oosterloo

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We present morphological and statistical results of a study of neutral hydrogen (HI) in a complete sample of nearby, non-cluster radio galaxies. We detect large-scale HI emission in the early-type host galaxies of 25% of our sample sources. The large-scale HI is mainly distributed in disk- and ring-like structures with sizes upto 190 kpc and masses upto 2 x 10(10) M-circle dot. All radio galaxies with M-HI greater than or similar to 10(9) M-circle dot have a compact radio source. When we compare our sample of radio-loud early-type galaxies with samples of radio-quiet early-type galaxies there appears to be no significant difference in HI properties (mass, morphology and detection rate). This suggests that that the radio-loud phase could be just a short phase that occurs at some point during the life-time of many, or even all, early-type galaxies. (c) 2006 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

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TijdschriftNew Astronomy Reviews
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StatusPublished - feb-2007
EvenementWorkshop on Fate of the Gas in Galaxies - , Netherlands
Duur: 12-jul-200614-jul-2006

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