The role of telemonitoring in patients on home mechanical ventilation

Ries van den Biggelaar, Anda Hazenberg, Marieke L. Duiverman*

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    There is a growing number of patients being treated with long-term home mechanical ventilation (HMV). This poses a challenge for the healthcare system because in-hospital resources are decreasing. The application of digital health to assist HMV care might help. In this narrative review we discuss the evidence for using telemonitoring to assist in initiation and follow-up of patients on long-term HMV. We also give an overview of available technology and discuss which parameters can be measured and how often this should be done. To get a telemonitoring solution implemented in clinical practice is often complex; we discuss which factors contribute to that. We discuss patients’ opinions regarding the use of telemonitoring in HMV. Finally, future perspectives for this rapidly growing and evolving field will be discussed.

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    TijdschriftEuropean Respiratory Review
    Nummer van het tijdschrift168
    StatusPublished - 2023


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