The spatial dimension of productivity: Connecting the dots across industries, firms and places

Alexandra Tsvetkova, Rudiger Ahrend, Joaquim Oliveira Martins, Alexander Lembcke, Polina Knutsson, Dylan Jong, Nikolaos Terzidis



    This working paper offers a synthesis of the current knowledge on the determinants of productivity. It carefully reviews both “spatial” (e.g. agglomerations, infrastructure, geography) and “aspatial” (e.g. human capital, labour regulations, industry-level innovation and dynamism) productivity drivers and demonstrates how the underlying spatial dynamics behind the latter group makes all productivity determinants “spatial” in nature. The paper demonstrates that productivity is inherently a spatial phenomenon and its understanding without a local/regional dimension is incomplete.

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    StatusPublished - 13-jan.-2020

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    NaamOECD Regional Development Working Papers
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