The spatial variability of turbulence above a forest

PB van Breugel*, W Klaassen, EJ Moors

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The spatial variability of turbulence above a forest has been examined. Two measurement towers were erected 800 m apart within a heterogeneous mixed forest located in the north east of the Netherlands. The measurements of u*/u were analysed and subsequently used to test a surface layer model. The model simulated the magnitude of the measurements reasonably well, but measured trends were not always reproduced by the model. The variable (du/dz)/u did not adapt as quickly to the new surface as u*/u. This is in agreement with Schmid (1994), and can be explained by a local decrease in mixing length. It is recommended to adapt the mixing length near a surface transition to improve the accuracy of surface layer models of heterogeneous landscapes.

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TijdschriftTheoretical and Applied Climatology
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StatusPublished - 1999
Evenement22nd General Assembly of the European-Geophysical-Society - , Austria
Duur: 21-apr.-199725-apr.-1997

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