The Sulfolobus solfataricus AAA protein sso090, a homologue of the eukaryotic ESCRT vps4 ATPase

Cedric F. V. Hobel, Sonja V. Albers, Arnold J. M. Driessen, Andrei N. Lupas*

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Sso0909 is a protein of the thermo-acidophilic crenarchaeon sulfolobus solfatoricus, annotated as a p60 katanin-like ATPase. We present here results supporting the hypothesis that Sso0909 is an orthologue of the eukaryotic ESCRT (enclosomal sorting complex required for transport) ATPase Vps4 (vacular protein sorting 4). The spectrum of Sso0909 homologues is limited to several orders of Crenarchaea and to three euryarchaeal Thermoplasmata species, where they were presumably acquired by lateral gene transfer. Almost invariably, Sso0909 homologues occur in the genomic vicinity of homologues of eukaryotic ESCRT-III components, which are the targets of disassembly by Vps4, as well as with a creanarchaeal-specific coiled-coil protein. S. solfataricus sso0909 is constitutively expressed under normal growth conditions and appears to be essential, as judged by the failure to obtain stable deletion mutants. We expressed Sso0909 in Escherichia coli and S. solfataricus, but have not obtained preparations with ATPase activity so far.

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TijdschriftBiochemical Society Transactions
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StatusPublished - feb-2008

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